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"My passion has been helping people to scale their businesses and take their legacy and lives to another level, regardless of being a business that needs help or extremely successful. Helping our clients in the areas that matter the most: their business, personal finance and business relationships.

I’ve been honoured to help entrepreneurs from all walks of life to transform their businesses through being a Business Consultant and now Principle of S.C.I.  I’ve been fortunate enough to work with and be mentored by an American Billionaire from 2018 and 2 other well-known business mentors. I found two experienced, knowledgeable advisors to come on board. Jeffrey and John who have a wealth of knowledge and have been my rock. In 2019, our team was set ready to execute US and UK acquisitions.

In 2020 The COVID-19 recession and Brexit started to affect the UK & US businesses and that was why we decided to incorporate SCI to defend and support our fellow entrepreneurs with the ability to acquire profitable sector-agnostic SME’s.

I do have a special passion for small business owners, new entrepreneurs and to help those businesses that have been affected by the Brexit or the Pandemic.

Being actively involved with several businesses, leading a double life of entrepreneurial achievements and professionally held positions, it keeps me extremely busy and drives me to execute action and assist fellow entrepreneurs every day.

Most of my core strategies for creating success and wealth for business and the owners have been learnt from some of the biggest names in the business world. I’ve had the privilege of modelling and distilling the strategies of business leaders. I’ve used these distinctions and strategies to help optimize and grow SME’s to new and more profitable levels.

We invest, scale and acquire businesses, provide necessary funding and assist with creating that capital event with an IPO, SPAC or Direct Listing integration."

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Swift Corporate Investment Ltd.

Lytchett House,

13 Freeland Park,

Wareham Road,

Poole, Dorset,

BH16 6FA.

United Kingdom


+44 203 773 8881 (24/7)